Gain new perspectives, prove and polish your leadership skills, and learn to think critically across subjects, linking your knowledge of management, economics and marketing with finance, business law and technology. 

The University of Miami's world-class mba program:

  • Develops students so they become capable of—and comfortable with positions of leadership, by providing real-world career and life experiences in a stimulating, diverse and intellectual environment.
  • Refines students' global outlook through heightened cultural awareness and a global-centric curriculum.
  • Opens the exchange of information, brings theories to life and encourages collaboration in the analysis of problems and the formulation of strategies.
  • Prepares students for the competitive, demanding and constantly changing global business environment through first-hand exposure to international business practices.
  • Enables students to communicate effectively with individuals from diverse cultural, academic and professional backgrounds
  • Enhances students' critical thinking, writing, presentation and career development skills
  • Helps students build strong, lasting relationships with one another to create an invaluable professional and personal network.
  • Connects students with the global business community through the School's strong partnerships with distinguished alumni and other top executives from many of the world's leading companies and multinational corporations.
  • Helps students discover their potential and achieve their career goals.

The inherent diversity of the student body has long been a source of pride at the University of Miami. The MBA experience takes on a global perspective from day one with students, faculty and alumni representing some 150 countries. The multiple viewpoints from other cultures, other industries and other countries promote understanding, inclusiveness and awareness, leading students to think outside themselves and their immediate environment.