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Here at Miami Herbert Business School, the next generation of graduates will flourish with strong quantitative and analytical skills acquired through our Master’s Programs. Companies demand these skills. Very few professionals actually have them.

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Master of Science in Finance Benefits

Master of Science in Finance. Where you can be a few steps ahead. Or a few miles.

Few places set the stage like Miami. As the country’s second largest financial hub, students can capitalize on customizing their experience by mixing and matching their courses to align with their aspirations. You gain the knowledge base and confidence to make critical decisions for any organization and join future financial leaders. The MS in Finance program at Miami Herbert School makes all that happen. All in just 10 months. Ten!


Second among all major American metropolitans, to be exact. As the headquarters to more than 60 international banks and 100 alternative investment companies, the city has arrived as a magnet for entrepreneurship, startups, Fintech, hedge funds, and private equity. The financial world is at your doorstep. You just have to open the door.

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Why follow a trail when you can blaze your own? Students have the flexibility to cherry pick from a wide portfolio of course clusters. Think along the lines of Financial Analytics, Fintech, Corporate Finance, Investment and Portfolio Management, International Finance, Psychology of Financial Markets, Real Estate Investment, Sustainable Finance, and Wealth Management. Diverse indeed!

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With Miami Herbert being a CFA-affiliated school, students have full capabilities to pursue their CFA designations, Bloomberg certifications, and securities licenses. Recognition is everything.

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Our curriculum extends well beyond textbooks and videos here. We teach theory and then apply it to real-world scenarios with industry behemoths like AmEx, Boston Scientific and VISA.

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Graduates smile ear to ear with the companies who bring them aboard. JP Morgan. Goldman Sachs. Ernst & Young. Deloitte. Impressive names, thoroughly impressed with our graduates.

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With PhDs from prestigious universities from around the world, our faculty knows the ins and outs of Wall Street and possesses major global financial market experience. Students migrate from 25 different countries too adding to the full spectrum of worldwide perspectives. World class here means world class.

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Our Students. Our Legacy.

North America and Latin America. Asia, Europe and the Caribbean. With our students hailing from practically every continent, Miami Herbert Business School introduces a full spectrum of cultural backgrounds few universities can claim. In fact, an impressive 40% of our student body was born outside of the United States.
Juliana Matiz headshot

I enrolled in Miami Herbert’s MS in Finance program to gain a deeper knowledge of the financial industry and to take advantage of the networking opportunities it offered. I met extraordinary professors and peers with whom I will keep long-term friendships and professional relationships with. The program exceeded my highest expectations and equipped me with the tools and knowledge to succeed in my desired career path.

Juliana Matiz
MS in Finance, 2021
Emilio Abdul Massih Loze headshot

The MS in Finance enriched both my professional and personal life by exposing me to the knowledge of world-ranked professors in the field of finance who later became my mentors. In addition, I was able to build long-lasting, meaningful relationships with other students in the program as well. Thanks to the confidence and competitive skills the program gave me, I am pursuing a career in asset and wealth management.

Emilio Abdul Massih Loze
MS in Finance, 2022
Amina Daoud headshot

The finance program provided me with a strong toolbox of applicable financial knowledge taught by an outstanding and passionate faculty. It was the highlight of my time at the University of Miami, especially because of the lifelong friendships I formed with my cohort. Because of the challenging coursework and unwavering support from my network, I am prepared to excel personally and professionally.

Jean Pierre Vilcherrez
MS in Finance, 2023
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The Miami Experience Benefits

Explore every opportunity under the sun.

An international hub fused with a thriving cultural scene makes Miami the ideal setting to pursue unique educational experiences. The city’s bustling urban center is a melting point of diversity, creativity, and inspiration. Welcome to the next great chapter of your life and your career. Welcome to Miami.

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Explore Miami
Work meets play in our gleaming metropolis. It’s where multinational trade and innovation meet our lively nightlife and positive atmosphere.
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Student Groups
Nothing beats exchanging ideas with like-minded peers. It’s energizing. Captivating. It’s assembling your network BEFORE you graduate.
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Experiential Learning Opportunities
Sitting in a classroom can only take you so far. Real companies with real challenges give students the experiences textbooks simply cannot.
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Networking Events
In business, it’s what you know AND who you know. Here, making meaningful connections shifts your career out of neutral and into a higher gear.

Master of Science in Finance Outcomes

The foundation of your career starts here.

It’s more than landing the right job. It’s advancing your career the right way. It’s knowing you made the most of your journey as a student at Miami Herbert Business School—and you’re well positioned to launch your second journey.

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The names helping you make a name for yourself.

Peruse over this who’s who of prominent business players. By adding hands-on, real world challenges they need onto their resumes as students, they soon shall include the corporations they will land as graduates.

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The finance program provided me with a strong toolbox of applicable financial knowledge taught by an outstanding and passionate faculty.

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