Master of Science in Sustainable Business

Good for the business world. Good for the world world.

Our MS in Sustainable Business blends business, science, theory, and practice to cultivate a forward-thinking mindset that can guide businesses to a more positive future. By harnessing analytical and quantitative skills, you will emerge as a leader in perfecting sustainable practices. Your future employer will appreciate your strategic vision.

So will the world.

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MS Sustainable Business Benefits

Why choose Miami Herbert Business School for an MS in Sustainable Business?


Competing programs typically focus on sustainability first with business tacked on. We take the opposite approach. Accounting, supply chain and other business classes own the spotlight here, demonstrating our commitment to being business first.

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Students don’t bury their noses in textbooks here. They are placed in teams of four with companies to consult on 8-month-long projects.

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We value how much you want a diversified experience. Customize the education you desire with nine elective credits.

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Many focusing on sustainability consulting go to EY, PWC and specialized consulting firms while sustainability managers land gigs at Bacardi, Perry Ellis and Royal Caribbean. This list is truly a who’s who in sustainability.

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Our Students. Our Legacy.

North America and Latin America. Asia, Europe and the Caribbean. With our students hailing from practically every continent, Miami Herbert Business School introduces a full spectrum of cultural backgrounds few universities can claim. In fact, an impressive 40% of our student body was born outside of the United States.
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The collaborative structure of the Master of Science in Sustainable Business program empowered my peers and me to acquire specialized knowledge tailored to our distinct career goals. Through our capstone project, we could directly apply our academic insights, working on sustainable solutions for purpose-driven companies across various sectors. This program has been instrumental in guiding my transition into a role as a leader in sustainable and eco-conscious business.

Josh Baer
MS in Sustainable Business, 2023
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If you have an interest in sustainability or the future of business, the Master of Science in Sustainable Business is for you. This program equips students with the knowledge needed to be top candidates in this fast-growing and ever-changing field. The program also provides students with real-world experiences in sustainable business. Through the 8-month Applied Career Experience Capstone Project, we collaborate with leading companies, devising practical solutions to real-world challenges.

Dharma Proctor
MS in Sustainable Business, 2024
Lindsey Johnson headshot

Transitioning into the business sector, the Master of Science in Sustainable Business program has provided me with a multitude of avenues to meet people, learn industry standards, and explore topics of potential interest. Through opportunities such as serving as the Co-President of the Sustainable Business Club, I've not only cultivated relationships but also embedded myself in a community of dedicated, eco-minded professionals from various Miami Herbert programs.

Lindsey Johnson
MS in Sustainable Business, 2024
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The Miami Experience Benefits

Explore every opportunity under the sun.

An international hub fused with a thriving cultural scene makes Miami the ideal setting to pursue unique educational experiences. The city’s bustling urban center is a melting point of diversity, creativity, and inspiration. Welcome to the next great chapter of your life and your career. Welcome to Miami.

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Explore Miami
Work meets play in our gleaming metropolis. It’s where multinational trade and innovation meet our lively nightlife and positive atmosphere.
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Student Groups
Nothing beats exchanging ideas with like-minded peers. It’s energizing. Captivating. It’s assembling your network BEFORE you graduate.
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Experiential Learning Opportunities
Sitting in a classroom can only take you so far. Real companies with real challenges give students the experiences textbooks simply cannot.
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Networking Events
In business, it’s what you know AND who you know. Here, making meaningful connections shifts your career out of neutral and into a higher gear.

MS in Sustainable Business Outcomes

The foundation of your career starts here.

It’s more than landing the right job. It’s advancing your career the right way. It’s knowing you made the most of your journey as a student at Miami Herbert Business School—and you’re well positioned to launch your second journey.

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The names helping you make a name for yourself.

Peruse over this who’s who of prominent business players. By adding hands-on, real world challenges they need onto their resumes as students, they soon shall include the corporations they will land as graduates.

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Transitioning into the business sector, the Master of Science in Sustainable Business program has provided me with a multitude of avenues to meet people, learn industry standards, and explore topics of potential interest.

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