Master of Science in Taxation

Where numbers tell a story only you can decode.

Here at Miami Herbert Business School, the next generation of graduates will flourish with strong quantitative and analytical skills acquired through our Master’s Programs. Companies demand these skills. Very few professionals actually have them.

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Master of Science in Taxation Benefits

Master of Science in Taxation. Where our CPA pass rate is 20 points above average. So is our temperature.

Tax research. Tax compliance. Tax planning. Covering every aspect of the world of taxes, this program prepares you for careers requiring a high degree of specialized tax knowledge in public accounting, private industry or government. You go from student to trusted advisor, all in a mere 10 months. That’s the strength of a leader. That’s the strength of Miami Herbert Business School.


Graduates’ CPA pass rate comes in at 80%, an astonishing 20 points above the U.S. average. We take pride in earning a positive reputation for our Master of Science in Taxation program. Any success we achieve comes because you have succeeded.

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Miami Herbert School is among the rare programs in the United States fully accredited by AACSB International, the premier accrediting body for business schools worldwide. Further evidence that we take our program as seriously as your education.

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Our Students. Our Legacy.

North America and Latin America. Asia, Europe and the Caribbean. With our students hailing from practically every continent, Miami Herbert Business School introduces a full spectrum of cultural backgrounds few universities can claim. In fact, an impressive 40% of our student body was born outside of the United States.
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The Master of Taxation program at the University of Miami has been a transformative experience for me. The rigorous curriculum, the dedicated faculty, and the real-world focus opportunities have given me the skills and knowledge to thrive in the real world and prepare me for my CPA journey and my new job in tax at Deloitte.

Clarissa Eraso
MS in Taxation, 2023
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The Miami Experience Benefits

Explore every opportunity under the sun.

An international hub fused with a thriving cultural scene makes Miami the ideal setting to pursue unique educational experiences. The city’s bustling urban center is a melting point of diversity, creativity, and inspiration. Welcome to the next great chapter of your life and your career. Welcome to Miami.

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Explore Miami
Work meets play in our gleaming metropolis. It’s where multinational trade and innovation meet our lively nightlife and positive atmosphere.
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Student Groups
Nothing beats exchanging ideas with like-minded peers. It’s energizing. Captivating. It’s assembling your network BEFORE you graduate.
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Experiential Learning Opportunities
Sitting in a classroom can only take you so far. Real companies with real challenges give students the experiences textbooks simply cannot.
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Networking Events
In business, it’s what you know AND who you know. Here, making meaningful connections shifts your career out of neutral and into a higher gear.

Master of Science in Taxation Outcomes

The foundation of your career starts here.

It’s more than landing the right job. It’s advancing your career the right way. It’s knowing you made the most of your journey as a student at Miami Herbert Business School—and you’re well positioned to launch your second journey.

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Peruse over this who’s who of prominent business players. By adding hands-on, real world challenges they need onto their resumes as students, they soon shall include the corporations they will land as graduates.

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The MS in Taxation program is taught by cutting edge professionals who have had direct impacts in tax regulation and law, providing students with exclusive knowledge that will give them a sharp and distinct advantage amongst competitors.

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